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    Famous photo of the wreck of the PRESIDENT COOLIDGE of 1931. Accompanying text: "The Coolidge sinking. Men of the USS President Coolidge leaving the sinking troop transport by rope and net after it struck a mine off a small South Pacific island. With more than 4,000 aboard. Only two men were l
  2. President Coolidge Model

    President Coolidge Model

    Model of the Dollar Line President Coolidge. Just one of the many works of art at the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia.
  3. President Coolidge

    President Coolidge

    The President Hoover’s younger sister ship President Coolidge is seen from the air after departing San Francisco to evacuate Americans trapped in the far east in July, 1940. The Coolidge was still in service when her owner, the finically ailing Dollar Line was bought up by the US Government and all
  4. President Coolidge

    President Coolidge

    President Coolidge
  5. President Hoover,President Coolidge

    President Hoover,President Coolidge

    President Hoover and President Coolidge at the builders yard