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    Accompanying text: "Cargo-ship (C-3 type). The American cargo ship of the new C-3 type, like the President Jackson, has greater speed than the older C-2 type. It has a raked stem and cruiser stern, a shelter deck and two steel decks extending from stem to stern below it. There are accomodations for
  2. President Jackson

    President Jackson

    American President Lines around-the-world service Accommodation for 12 passengers
  3. SS President Jackson departing New York

    SS President Jackson departing New York

    American President Line's SS President Jackson departing New York harbour - note US flag on side indicating this is a photo from late 1939 to late 1941 when non-belligerent vessels sailed with neutrality markings to - hopefully - ward off German U-boats and surface raiders.
  4. President Jackson

    President Jackson

    Artist Impression of the President Jackson
  5. President Jackson

    President Jackson

    PRESIDENT JACKSON 1953 9217 tgr AmPres.USA B/as VOLUNTEER MARINER 55-PRESIDENT JACKSON 74-JOSEPH P.HEWES B/up Kaohsiungh 7-7-80. From an original with full copyright.