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  1. Pride of Bilbao

    P&O Ferries Built 1986 IMO 8414582 37,583 gross tons Outward bound for Spain Also: Olympia Bilbao Princess Anastasia

    Pride of Bilbao, Passing Southsea, Inbound to Portsmouth. Submitted just to remember the old Days.

    Pride of Bilbao, taken at Portsmouth, in the 90s. Seen from a Harbour Trip Boat.
  4. Pride of Bilbao inaugural cruise

    P and O reps relaxing on the inaugural cruise. Mrs Wireless man 2nd from left
  5. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao in Portsmouth Harbour on Saturday 25th September 2010. Sailing that evening for her last trip to Bilbao
  6. Pride of Bilbao

    About to enter Portsmouth Harbour for the last time yesterday 28th September 2010. Looking very rusty. Taken with my small camera being over there for football, but she was early and caught me out, so did not make Round Tower.
  7. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao entering Portsmouth Harbour, July 2010
  8. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao entering Portsmouth Harbour yesterday
  9. Spanish Tug Galdames

    Spanish Tug Galdames,,,,,seen in the Port of Bilbao, from the deck of the Pride of Bilbao,,,,,,taken 27.09.2006......SN Trip
  10. Spain

    Harbour for the Port of Bilbao, seams every where you go in Spain for a holiday they are building something?
  11. Build your own

    In the docking area for the Pride of Bilbao, Spain. David (Pompeyfan) organised a trip to Spain but failed to mention we where to build our own ship??
  12. Not a bluey

    Pride of Bilbayo, D.A.D.(dominated and domesticated)
  13. Alex Ray Marie

    Alex saying hello Pride of Bilbao Sept 2006
  14. Waiting For The Boat

    Recognised yet again - Jim getting lubrication and calming nerves whilst waiting for the ferryboat /expedition ship/ Pride of Bilbao. Fred in background ensuring everything in moderation.
  15. Pride of Bilbao - Dolphin & Whale Watching

    From the Biscay Dolphin Research Programme presentation on Pride of Bilbao 26 September 2006. September is a great month in Biscay for whale watching and amongst others we saw Orcas, Finwhales, Spermwhale, Common & Yellowstripe dolphins. Save your money, don't need to go on Princess to...
  16. Pride of Bilbao

    Entering Portsmouth 10 September 2006. Awaiting paint delivery?
  17. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao (without the tugs) arriving at Portsmouth Harbour at 0830hrs on 11th August, 2006 having re-entered service after the rope around the propeller shaft ordeal. Pompeyfan (Dave) can now rest assured that his planned trip is back in the frame.
  18. Pride of Bilbao

    P. & O. ferry "Pride of Bilbao" slowly entering Portsmouth Harbour, at 0815hrs on 9th August, 2006, assisted by Admiralty tugs Bustler and Powerful.
  19. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao...entering Portsmouth and passing some great pubs........25.04.2006
  20. Pride of Bilbao

    Pride of Bilbao..........Portsmouth 29.06.2005
1-20 of 20 Results