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  1. Captain Charles S Smith OBE MN

    A studio portrait of my mother's older brother Charlie at the time of his retirement. A 'favourite' uncle of mine, he served at sea from the age of 16, with Don Line, Bolton Shipping Co, Furness Prince Line, possibly others. Ship (SS Ribera) sunk by U-boat in WW1. Ship's company all survived...
  2. Foredeck & fo'cslehead of Prince Line ship

    Photo doesn't provide any direct evidence of its subject's identity, and is undated. Found among other photos dated around 1934/5, which suggests it may be either Malayan or Javanese Prince. Actually Egyptian Prince (see Stephen Card's comment below).
  3. Boat deck of a Prince Line ship

    Probably either Malayan Prince or Javanese Prince. I was tempted to submit this pic in the ship identification section, mainly on account of the 3-funnelled vessel alongside. PS - In light of Stephen Card's comment, I accept this must in fact be one of the four 'Compass' Princes.
  4. Scottish Prince

    Loading timber in Galatz Roumania 1968
  5. Furness Prince Line cap badge

    This badge, dating from the 1940s, belonged to the late Capt Charles S Smith OBE, Prince Line commodore, my uncle.
  6. Ex Prince Line !

    Cant make out her name I think she is ex Prince line taken at South Shields September 1974
  7. Prince Line publicity card 1930s

    The pencilled note is by my uncle Charles S Smith, then Master of the Eastern Prince.
  8. Cap Badges

    In which we served
  9. M.V. Egyptian Prince

    Sorry no info 40s-50s. ?? My card.
  10. M,V. Cyprian Prince

    Like the funnel. No info. My card
  11. M.V. Maltese Prince

    Nice little ship. 40s-50s??? Cargo & Passenger. Posted to me by Prince Line. Leadenhall St. London. 1948
  12. Scottish Prince

    An older example of the same fleet. Built 1950 by Burntisland, as the all were, and with Doxford engines, steam auxilairies and steam winches on deck. She was on the Arab run so would do Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and sometimes Turkey, plus Malta and Cypress, but not Israel of course.
  13. MV Black Prince

    Good example of Prince Line's Med trading fleet. Run would be London/Antwerp, Malta, Israel, Cypress and home. General out, citrus home in the season. Twelve passengers
1-14 of 14 Results