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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Does anyone remember any of the details of when The Princess Cruises ship, MV Pacific Princess grounded off the coast of Mexico in or around June 1978? I was onboard at the time as a cadet and thought it was as she was leaving Acapulco, but an entry in my Cadet Journal has the vessel entering...
  2. Albatros

    Phoenix-Reisen's Albatros ex Dawn Princess, ex Sylvania sailing from Southampton. The yacht in the foreground is Blue Bird and was once owned by speed ace Sir Malcolm Campbell.
  3. Fair Princess

    Sailing from Mazatlan on 24 March 1992, photographed from on board Enchanted Isle.
  4. Dawn Princess

    Originally Cunard Line's Sylvania and then Sitmar Line's Fairwind. At anchor off Monaco during her first months under P&O ownership, after they had absorbed (obliterated) Sitmar and rebranded the ships under the Princess Cruises banner.
  5. Discovery

    The much-loved Discovery ex Island Princess in Singapore, at the end of a cruise from Hong Kong to Manila, Borneo and Brunei.
  6. Port of Stavanger

    Cruise ship Caribbean Princess and veteran Sandnas can be seen in this photo. This is a typical situation these days.
  7. Royal Princess at Flåm

    A nice ship in a nice setting. Flåm in Aurlandsfjord has a spectacular train connection to the Bergensbanen railroad. The Flåmbsbana is 20km long and from the station on the shore to Myrdal the difference in altitude is 865 meters.

    FAIR PRINCESS (ex-CARINTHIA, ex-FAIRSEA) departing San Francisco's Pier 35 on a summer afternoon in 1995.

    FAIR PRINCESS (ex-Cunard CARINTHIA) departing San Francisco in the summer of 1995. Compare this photo with those I posted of FAIRWIND and note how Sitmar's dark blue hull stripe improved the look of these sister ships; emphasizing their sheer.
  10. Royal Princess

    Royal Princess alongside the Ocean Terminal in Southampton
  11. Royal Princess

    The newly arrived Royal Princess dominates the Ocean Terminal in Southampton.
  12. Crown Princess

    Crown Princess arriving 25/05/2013 in Southampton
  13. rea towing company

    kingston lacy vittoria dock birkenhead
  14. Island Princess

    Island Princess did a Round Africa voyage in 1996, and called at Durban on 25 March. Here she is seen sailing on the next leg of her voyage.
  15. Daimond Princess

    Alongside Auckland Princes Wharf Cruise Terminal 13February 2006 Auckland, New Zealand
  16. Diamond Princess

    alongside Auckland Cruise Terminal 13th February 2006
  17. Diamond Princess

    Downtown Auckland and restored Ferry Buildings
  18. Diamond Princess

    Embarkation at Hilton Hotel Auckland Passenger Cruise Terminal - New Zealand
  19. Diamond Princess

    Facing Downtown Auckland with glimpse of Sky Tower
1-20 of 23 Results