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  1. MV Procyon

    Close encounter with MV Procyon in Kiel Kanal. taken from FS Meteor, heading towards Rendesberg.
  2. unknown = Procyon

    PROCYON 1958 10995 tgr.Rethymnis and Kulukundis - (In Lloyds of 1966 owners given as ; Sociedad Trans-Oceanica Canopus-Grk) With London & Overseas markings. built by Furness/Haverton Hill. with Doxford 5Cyl Diesel of 5,500bhp. 72-CAPE AVANTI 79-CHI YUEN B/up Kaohsiungh 4-11-82...
  3. wheelhouses

    anyone need a shed for their garden? Wheelhouses lying at Inverness scrappies in 1994 following decommissioning. Middle one is the Procyons, INS.7

    Built 1977 10837 deadweight Dover Harbour
1-4 of 4 Results