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  1. At the end of the day

    Conclusion of a successful cruise "doon the watter"
  2. PS Waverley at Rothesay

    The large cabin-cruiser or yacht was apparently the singer Simon LeBon's. A dull rainy day unfortunately. This pic could probably fit in at least three categories, but as part of the same doon the watter trip as my previous two posts it seems logical to keep it in the same category.
  3. PS Waverley at Tighnabruaich

    Alongside Tighnabruaich on a dull rainy day. A rescue attempt on a poor slide.
  4. PS Waverley

    Some old, some new.
  5. PS Waverley

    Back it up.
  6. PS Waverley

    Make Fast
  7. PS Waverley

    All Stop
  8. PS Waverley

    How clean is that?
  9. PS Waverley

    The thing that turns the paddle?
  10. Waverley Rothesay

    PS Waverley alongside Rothesay Pier, Isle Of Bute. June 2009.
  11. Waverley

    The razor sharp bow of the PS Waverley, June 2009.
  12. Waverley - Paddle Box.

    The paddle box of the PS Waverley. The Waverley carries the traditional fan vented paddle box.
  13. Waverley at Rothesay.

    PS Waverley using her bow rope to spring off Rothesay Pier before going astern into Rothesay Bay, August 2008.
  14. Waverley

    PS Waverley berthed alongside Tighnabruaich Pier, July 2006.
  15. Waverley in Dry-Dock

    PS Waverley in Garvel Dry-Dock, Greenock, 2008.
  16. Waverley at Glasgow

    PS Waverley berthed at the Science Center, July 2005.
  17. PS Waverley.

    PS Waverley in Garvel Dry-Dock, Greenock, 2006.
  18. PS Waverley.

    PS Waverley leaving Blairmore on the 16th of June 2007, 60th anniversary of her launch.
1-20 of 29 Results