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  1. Cuzco

  2. Somers Isle

    Arrival Hamilton, Bermuda, on maiden voyage.
  3. Cuzco

    PSNC vessel, any info on collision whereabouts & date welcome.
  4. Ships I sailed on

    The PSNC Kenuta. Did one trip on her as a cadet. One trip was enough.
  5. Somers Isle

    sailed on her in 68
  6. Oroya

    ship i shipped out on
  7. Potosi

    ship i shipped out on
  8. Kenuta

    ship i shipped out on
  9. Rossetti

    ship i shipped out on
  10. PSNC Fleet

    A representation of the PSNC fleet during the 1950/60's in watercolour
  11. River Ogun, Orcoma

    Liverpool, July 1973
  12. Ortega

    Liverpool, early 1970s
  13. Orduna/Orbita

    PSNC passenger/cargo liners built 1914, scrapped 1951/1952. A little bit different to todays vessels. Unknown when or where shot was taken but a guess at the late `40`s,
  14. PSNC RMS Orcoma

    From an old post card, franked 0645 hrs May 23 1913.Card by Andrew Reid & Co. of Newcastle. Odd one this as I`ve only seen her funnel the usual PSNC buff colour in other pics. Maybe she came out right on the change over & the artist was unaware of the impending change. Built 1908 by Wm...
  15. PSNC K Class

    November 1967 at PanamaCanal Balboa end, unable to ID which of the class this was & memory not playing ball either.
  16. Cuzco

    December 1965 Panama Canal, Balboa end, waiting eastbound transit. PSNC vessel Cuzco to port, & it looks like a `Hickory`class boat coming out from the canal on the left side of the pic, photo taken from Niceto De Larrinaga
  17. SS Cotopaxi

    PSNC vessel at the Miraflores Locks PCZ, can`t identify two funnel liner but could be the W.P. Richardson, transport American flag that had a host of renamings & only went to the razor blade factory in the last year or two. But I may be mistaken. Another pic bought in the PCZ
  18. Reina Del Pacifico

    PSNC pic for passengers, & publicity
  19. Reina Del Pacifico

    Once again fine vessel built by Harland & Wolff Belfast, pictured in the Gaillard Cut PCZ, from a post card pic bought there many years ago, only wish I`d bought more now!
1-20 of 29 Results