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  1. Puritan


    The Fall River Line's Puritan of 1888, LOA 410 ft, width over guards, 91 feet. The ship, puritanically, hid its walking-beam under a special covering. Her interiors were otherwise ''in the style of the Italian Renaissance.''
  2. Puritan, engine controls

    Puritan, engine controls

    In the engine room of the Fall River Line's Puritan of 1888. I've posted a side-view where this fellow can be seen at lower left. So what's the handles and wheels for?
  3. Puritan, engine

    Puritan, engine

    Engine of the Sound steamer Puritan of the Fall River Line of 1888. Engines built by W. et A. Fletcher Co. in Hoboken, NJ, IHP 7500. The ''walking beam'' is enclosed, which is a bit sad: ''show what you got'' I think should be the American way! From Cassier's Magazine 1897: ''The Puritan has a compo
  4. Puritan


    The Great White Fleet's 'Puritan' arriving at an unknown Caribbean port to load. Built 1983 by I.H.I., at Aioi, Japan. I will ask the photographer where it is, he was her master. Regards, Rick
  5. Puritan


    Monitor Puritan. According to accompanying text: the best of all monitors, having made a great name for herself in the first battle of the Spanish American war. The commander was C. F. Harrington.