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  1. QE2 Dubai

    One of the stairwells,, the balloons are part of a private party onboard. Ballroom had been hired for a 2yr olds party! rich mum and dad?
  2. QE2 Dubai

    Theatre, reopened and used for events.
  3. QE2 Dubai

    The Golden Lion pub onboard QE2, also fully stocked and operational with bar snacks. A nice touch is the addition of the ships crests, these were taken from the crew bars and redisplayed in the Golden Lion.
  4. QE2 Dubai

    Chart Room bar, fully stocked and operational, great staff, and excellent Gin!
  5. QE2 Dubai

    Ships Casino, intact alas not operational due to law
  6. QE2 Dubai

    Immediately after entering QE 2 alas I cannot recall the name of this room.
  7. QE2

    QE 2 at Auckland
  8. QE 2

    QE 2 at Funchal, Madeira.
  9. QE 2

    QE 2 - Auckland 6.2.2004
  10. QE 2

    Queen Elizabeth 2 maiden arrival in New York May 1969 as seen on the cover of the Life magazin dd May 26.
  11. QE 2 Farewell to Halifax

    2008. The QE 2 approaches Pier 22 on her final visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  12. QE 2

    QE 2 Garden Island Port Jackson 24/2/08
  13. QE 2

    QE 2 departing Melbourne late 1990's.
  14. QE 2

    The QE 2 at las palmas tenerife, sept 2004.
  15. QE 2

    At anchor near South Queensferry to allow passengers ashore in July 2004.
  16. qe 2

    noted for its hairy chested serving wenches
1-17 of 17 Results