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  1. QE2 Dubai

    The walkway to the ship. Still using the original doors. in fact very little structural changes have occurred. The ship still retains and uses her lifts and stairways throughout. many of the staff are ex Cunard employees, they really make an effort to give the QE2 experience, they employ a...
  2. QE2 Dubai

    Central display in lobby
  3. QE2 Dubai

    Inside the reception room, it is very tasteful with displays telling the history of the ship, also many of the models and the ships library is on display and open for use. various busts, notices & art work are located throughout and of course the hotel reception.
  4. QE2 Dubai

    Approaching the QE2 the main driveway is under construction, it will be grassed with trees, along each verge will be all the ships boats. Presently they are in place , albeit looking a bit rough. Interestingly they still contain all the boat equipment, no thieving here!
  5. QE2 Dubai

    As seen from stern, the building on right is the hotel reception/ lobby and connected by the raised gangway.
1-5 of 5 Results