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  1. QE2 Sydney farewell

    It was an emotional moment for myself and quite a few other spectators, as QE2 slipped her moorings and was assisted from her berth in Sydney for the final time. I saw her very first arrival, and I had to be there for this moment. I saw her in Sydney so many times during the years, I now feel...
  2. QE2- light hull in Sydney

    This was the only time I saw her in Sydney in this guise. I believe it was shortly after her involvement in the Falklands conflict. For mine, not half as classy as her black hull! Scan from my Ektachrome slide.
  3. QE2

    QE2 arriving in Sydney 20/02/07.
  4. QE2

    QE2 getting assistance into her berth in Sydney. 20/02/07.
  5. QE2 arriving in Sydney

    QE2 about to go astern into her berth at Circular Quay in Sydney on 20/02/07.
1-5 of 5 Results