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  1. Fishing Vessels
    Looking to update my records so need to check some details! Have there been three Scottish pelagic vessels named Quantus? - Quantus (1) built 1979 N-334, 89-96 PD-379, sold to Iceland 1996 as Ellidi. Quantus (2) built 1997 PD-379, sold ? and re-named Krossfjord Quantus (3) built 2008 PD-379 and...
  2. Quantus

    The Quantus leaving Lerwick harbour..
  3. quantus

    in pd

    acrylic on canvas 30x 20 in,Did this one a while back
  5. Kelvin Hughes HF transmitter tuning unit

    Kelvin Hughes HF Tx tuning unit view inside, S1250 transmitter. Item on display at Fort Perch rock maritime radio museum.
  6. Quantus

    Lying at Castlebay 86 approx. some bow damage
1-7 of 7 Results