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  1. Queen Elizabeth

    Entering George V dry dock at Southampton

    Outbound from Brisbane 'awaiting orders'.

    A passengerless (if there is such a word) Queen Elizabeth bound for Brisbane. She has been anchored off Gladstone, Queensland amongst coal/ore ships for a few weeks and I suspect she is off into Brisbane for fuel/victuals.

    Accompanying text: "The Yanks shove off again. The converted British liner "Queen Elizabeth" lies in the harbor at Greenock, Scotland, loaded with 15,000 U.S. soldiers returning to America, many of them personnel of the Eighth U.S. Air Force. The vessel is about to sail down the Firth of Clyde...
  5. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

    The cruise liner QUEEN ELIZABETH and the French navy's ice breaker FS L'ASTROLABE in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Thursday, 30 January 2020.
  6. Queen Elizabeth

    QUEEN ELIZABETH in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Tuesday, 17 December 2019. Behind her is RUBY PRINCESS.
  7. Queen Elizabeth

    This is my final color view of the ship taken as she left New York on her last voyage from the city. It’s one of the better of these views because you actually get to see some of the pay-off pennant flying from her after mast. In other views, it tends to blend in with the darkening sky seen above.
1-20 of 320 Results