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  1. Passenger Liners
    Dear All, The ship in this little (8" x 6") oil painting is a passenger liner of the early years of the twentieth century. She has a dark navy hull with red boot-topping and a white superstructure, with a vertical prow and counter stern; her bridge is forward (with prominent bridge wings) and...
  2. Queen Mary 2 departing Sydney 3

    Apologies for the quality but I hope this photo conveys the sight of the QM2 lit up and sailing on moonlit waters.
  3. Queen Mary 2 departing Sydney 2

    Thrusters on, tugs pulling and horn blasting across the harbour - the QM2 gets underway.
  4. Queen Mary 2 close up

    Looking out from the observation platform towards the bow of the ship, you can see down on the bottom left the red buoy marking the extra kedge (is that correct?) anchor needed for the QM2. The shape of the bow from this angle looks a lot like the Normandie. The ship is 10 metres too tall to fit...
  5. Queen Mary 2 in Sydney

    A Valentine's Day present to Sydney - Queen Mary 2. She is about to commence her inaugural cir***navigation of Australia and will be back in Sydney on 7th March.
  6. Queen Mary 2 in Sydney

    Back for another year and again, drawing a crowd of admirers and the curious alike.
1-7 of 7 Results