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  1. 19.QM @ low tide.05.2022.jpg

    Returned the following morning: 18.05.2022. Sadly still no-one about. She is sitting much lower this time.
  2. 06.QM.05.2022.jpg

    Queen Mary at high tide(?). Unfortunately I didn't see any activity onboard. 17.05.2022
  3. 01. River Clyde 05.2022.jpg

    Both Waverley and Queen Mary are berthed next to the Glasgow Science Centre. 17.05.2022
  4. 06.Queenmary.3.jpg

    Across from Waverley is Queen Mary. No activity onboard observed. Plenty of work to do, especially if she is going to sail again. I wish her well.

    Accompanying text: "American soldiers from ETO pack decks of former British luxury liner, SS Queen Mary, as she steams into New York Harbor 6/20, with 14,000 troops aboard. This marks ship's first voyage to America since V-E day".
  6. Queen Mary

    This shot is undated but appears to have been taken in the Autumn of 1963. It was taken from the main deck of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge during its construction. It may have been one of the most solitary places to work in the entire city, but it provided quite a unique vantage point for ship...
  7. Queen Mary

    Another view of the Queen Mary, this time arriving in New York in 1960. The dark color of her focsle deck makes me wonder if she had shipped some water aboard during a storm.
  8. Queen Mary

    Queen Mary is seen preparing to dock in New York City for the first time, in this rare shot from 1 June, 1936.
  9. QM & QE

    Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth are seen together in a rare shot in early September, 1941 while both liners taking part in Convoy US 12A. The two are seen under escort, heading to a rendezvous point with the Australian cruiser Canberra. This picture was taken from the stern of the HMAS Sydney...
  10. QM & Majestic

    The Queen Mary passes the Majestic at Southampton during her first visit to the port in April, 1936. The new Cunarder was there for a hull cleaning before returning to the Clyde for her official sea trials off Arran. The Majestic sits at berth 108, after being withdrawn from service, and is...
  11. Queen Mary

    RMS Queen Mary moored at New York (oil painting 24x30cm)

  13. Cunard
    I am completing a book due to be published next July which tells interesting and funny stories that have happened on any of Cunard's Queens. I would love to hear from you if there is one you would like to add. - [email protected]
  14. Queen Mary & Berengaria

    The new Queen Mary is seen at Southampton in April, 1936. The ship has returned from her official trials that she’d run up on the Clyde. The old Berengaria is seen on the right, making a routine departure from the port. The new liner made even this 50,000 ton vessel look rather small.
  15. Queen Mary

    The picture 'says it all'. Sad days then but what an outcome.
  16. Queen Mary

    This is a shot of the Queen Mary near the time of her launch in September, 1934. Although the Titan Crane was in service at John Browns yard at the time of Aquitania’s construction, the Queen Mary would be the first large Cunarder to be built with the help of this now famous landmark. The...

    King Edward VIII inspecting the QUEEN MARY at Clydebank. The cars would be of the HUMBER brand.
1-20 of 286 Results