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  1. QUEEN OF BERMUDA at Hamilton

    Furness Bermuda's QUEEN OF BERMUDA at Hamilton.
  2. Queen of Bermuda launching, 1932

    Lady Cubitt, wife of the then Governor of Bermuda, christening the new ship with a bottle of Empire wine in place of the traditional champagne. The assembled VIPs included Baron Essendon, chairman of Furness Withy with Lady Essendon. His Excellency Sir T. Astley Cubitt was also among the party...
  3. Queen of Bermuda launching, 1932

    On 1st September 1932 Lady Cubitt, wife of the then Governor of Bermuda, christened the new ship with a bottle of Empire wine in place of the traditional champagne, and pressed the button that sent the 28,000 tons of steel rushing down the ways into the river. Baron Essendon, chairman of...
  4. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    Fine view of QOB outbound from New York c. 1960. Perfect angle of this good looking ship. Even better than Queen Mary! :-)
  5. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    The QUEEN alongside No. 1 Shed, Hamilton c. 1955.

    Queen of Bermuda as a troopship in 1946 returning from Bombay through the Suez Canal, Egypt, from where this postcard was mailed.

    On 4 November 1939 Queen of Bermuda was commissioned into the Royal Navy as an Armed Merchant Cruise having been fitted with seven venerable 6 inch guns and two 3 inch guns as seen in this photo.
  8. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    QOB turning in Hamilton Harbour, approaching No. 6 Shed. c. 1938. This photo taken at corner of Front Street & Burnaby Street. Bank of Butterfield at left. The red Post Box is still there. I walked right past it yesterday morning.

    Another moonlight scene of the QOB. 14 x 11, Oil on panel. 2019. So... Merry Christmas to all Member of Ships Nostalgia. Stephen
  10. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA.

    Furness Bermuda Line's QUEEN OF BERMUDA on inbound for Ambrose c. 1964 Oil on panel 12 x 9 inches. Signed and dated 2019
  11. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    Inbound Five Fathom Hole off St George's. The pilot vessel 'ST BRENDAN' alongside.
  12. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    Sun Deck at sea. The large openings was the Verandah & Smoke Room.
  13. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    Alongside at No. 1 Shed, Hamiton
  14. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    Monday to Wednesday alongside at No. 1 Shed. Carried passengers, general cargo, horses, yachts, reefer etc.
  15. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    May 1965. Departure Furness Pier 90, New York. Sun deck starboard side.

    1955 Towline magazine featuring a painting of Queen of Bermuda by Carl G Evers.
  17. q.t.e.v. QUEEN OF BERMUDA

    New York, July 1966.

    QOB alongside pier at New York c.1933.
  19. Queen of Bermuda and Sevonia Team

    Taking the photo of the QOB painting yesterday I took a shot at the studio. Included on top shelf, the lovely watercolour of Sevonia Team done by Roberto. Again, many thanks Roberto!
  20. q.t.e.v. Queen of Bermuda

    QOB approaching Two Rocks Passage, c.1955. Also inbound, t.s.s. Ocean Monarch passing through Grassy Bay. Oil on linen canvas, 30 x 40 inches. Signed & dated 2018 Collection Allan Davidson, 2/0 QOB and Ocean Monarch.
1-20 of 84 Results