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  1. Queen of Scandinavia

    DFDS postcard of ferry Queen of Scandinavia, UK - Holland route
  2. Queen of Scandinavia

    Model in the International Cruise Terminal at North Shields - photographed on 22 June 2013
  3. Queen of Scandinavia

    Passing Spirit of the Tyne at the South Shields ferry terminal
  4. Queen of Scandinavia

    Sailing outward from the Tyne bound for Norway
  5. Queen of Scandinavia

    IDNo: 7911533 Name as built: FINLANDIA Date of completion: 30.3.81 Flag as built: FIN Tons: 25905 DWT: 3898 Length overall: 166.0 LPP: 150.0 Beam: 29.0 Builder: Wartsila ,Turku 90 QUEEN OF SCANDINAVIA
  6. Queen of Scandinavia

    Queen of Scandinavia arriving North Shields 4-July-08
  7. Queen Of Scandinavia

    Found in my archives of negatives. Taken sometime in the 90's. I was on the Epriotiki Lines 'Homeric' (Now the Ocean Majesty) on charter to Page & Moy cruising to the Norwegian Fjords from Dover. I thinks this shot was somewhere near Oslo.
  8. queen of scandinavia

    Pic I took this morning, Queen of Scandinavia arriving in Tyne from Norway
  9. Queen of Scandinavia & Fjord Norway

    Queen of Scandinavia and Fjord Norway berthed at North Shields, 23/07/06. FN loading up for crossing to Bergen.
1-9 of 9 Results