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  1. The Bridge
    Does anybody have any photographs taken of the radar screen in the 1980s of the amber circular displays that used to sit under a hood for daylight viewing? Despite years of sailing with and looking at them in all weathers, I didn't take a photograph and now find myself in need of one or two. For...
  2. High Level Chain Home RADAR masts

    There is another mast to the right not in the photo and there are four masts in the background. Taken when the Station was in operation
  3. Algiers 1982 Radar Layout, Ships Head Up Heading SSW

    Algiers 1982 Radar Layout, Ships Head Up Heading SSW
  4. Queen Mary Navigation

    This vintage photograph of the Queen Mary shows an electronics rack that was not an original fitment, and does not normally feature in published pictures of her wheelhouse. Looks like an early radar system? Maybe 1950's? Anybody know anything about this?
  5. a display cabinet in memory room fort perch rock

    small radar display, headphones from years goneby, EPIRB's various, small items of "sparkie stuff" like 2 ceramic tetrode valves, ammeter, insulator ex gka.
1-5 of 5 Results