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  1. Radnorshire

    Glen Line's Radnorshire is seen in London's KGV Dock in 1971. One of several super Ps she and her sisters became great favourites in the final days of traditional freighter operation. Built 1967 she was 12,089 gr tons.
  2. Radnorshire

    Laid alongside the north quay in King George V dock, London, which is now part of the London City airport runway. Shot taken from the Flintshire.

    There were 4 Glen Super Ps and this is RADNORSHIRE in London's King George V Dock in March 1972. She was also from Vickers in 1967 and became PERSEUS in a mass transfer over to Blue Funnel in 1973. Swire of Hong Kong took her as KWANGSI and in 1984 as SAUDI ZAMZAM she went to breakers.

    Singapore 11/8/1978. Built 1966 as Radnorshire for Glen line. 1973 renamed Patroclus. 1982 sold and renamed Rajab 1 1984 on fire and CTL, broken up Gadani Beach.
  5. Radnorshire

    RADNORSHIRE 1948 7632 tgr Glen/Shire Line
  6. Radnorshire

    Radnorshire passing the Straits of Malacca in 1970.

    GLEN LINE LTD BUILT 1967 GROSS 13,300 LENGTH 564 ft BREADTH 78 ft Speed 21 knots
  8. Radnorshire

    Glen Line's mv Radnorshire/GMRS probably the most immaculate ship I ever signed on. British officers and Chinese crew.
1-11 of 11 Results