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  1. Lost icons

    The North Tower of the World Trade Center and RAFFAELLO's towering forward funnel are seen in this Lido Deck view, taken as the Italian liner headed downstream on the hot and humid afternoon of 28 July 1973.

    Italian Line's RAFFAELLO anchored off Cannes the afternoon of 9 August 1973; her first port of call after leaving Genoa the previous day on westbound voyage #89.
  3. Raffaello

    Italian pass/cargo RAFFAELLO, imo 5289106/ 275,7m/ 26,5kn/1.775pax/ 715crew; 97/07/1965 completed by Cantieri Riuniti dell’Adriatico, Trieste, for Italia SpA di Navigazioni, Genoa; 06/06/1975 laid up; 1977 RAFFAELLO, Iranian government (Navy); 02/11/1982 sunk by air – launched guided missile and scu

    Turbo nave RAFFAELLO outward bound from the Port of Naples c. 1966 escorted by the tug VESUVIUS and the Sorrento ferry SANTA LUCIA. Oil on canvas, 24 x 36 inches. Singed and dated... 6 Sept, 2011 (today!)
  5. Raffaello

    Alongside the passenger terminal at Naples
  6. Raffaello

    Raffaello in Naples harbour
  7. Raffaello

    Raffaello arriving Naples
  8. Raffaello

    Raffaello in Naples harbour
  9. Raffaello

    RAFFAELLO 1965 45993 tgr Finanziaria Mar -Italy Taken at Tilbury 5-75

    Self explanatory. MICHELANGELO B 1965Ansaldo Soc. p.Anon., Genoa. T 45,911 g,24,572n. D 905/275.84 oa, 800.5/243.99 bp x 101.9/31.06 x 51.8/15.79. E Tw scr, 4 stm turb, drg, 87,000 shp, 4 wt bIrs, 900 psi. 2911:2 kts. By Ansaldo Stabilimento Mecc. H I1 dks. B & F 799/243.5. Upp B & F 822/25
  11. - Art On Board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "Port of Ischia"

    Port of Ischia Author :Vincenzo Colucci
  12. Art on board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "Summer in Sicily"

    Summer in Sicily Author :Gregorio Sciltian
  13. - Art On Board - T/v RAFFAELLO - Seaman's dream"

    Seaman's dream Author : Mino Maccari
  14. - Art On Board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "The Lac of Verbano"

    The Lac of Verbano Author : Umberto Lilloli
  15. Art on board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "Winter in Cadore"

    Winter in Cadore Author :Gregorio Sciltian
  16. - Art On Board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "Spring in Tuscany"

    Spring in Tuscany Author Gregorio Sciltian
  17. - Art On Board - T/v RAFFAELLO - "Figure Head Bronze" -

    Figure head bronze Author :Alessandra Busiri Vici Olsoufieff
1-20 of 22 Results