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  1. Rainbow

    Rainbow - Gotto Wharf Belfast The largest vessel I have seen at Gotto
  2. Rainbow

    Clipper ship Rainbow portrayed by Charles Robert Patterson, British born American sea painter. Built in 1845 at the shipyard of Smith and Dimon, New York, for Howland and Aspinall, New York
  3. Argus

    She is getting ready for sea, another picture of her and on her own tomorrow.
  4. Rainbow

    Rainbow at Cape Town 26/02/2009 IMO number :9111046 Name of ship :RAINBOW Call Sign :VSNO2 Gross tonnage :28027 Type of ship :Chemical/Oil Products Tanker Year of build :1996 Flag :United Kingdom Ex: Engen Rainbow
  5. rainbow

    rainbow round my bow
  6. E 225 "Rainbow"

    During sandeel fishing in southern North Sea in early summer 2001 "Rainbow" got into fire and sank afterwards. By floating crane the vessel was refloated, but it was later scrapped. Note how the sea have cooled the shellplating and remained the painting. Above waterline there was no cooling...
  7. Rainbow

    Recent bad weather in Europa makes nice pictures, fishing boats in the harbour of Sete, southern France
1-8 of 8 Results