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  1. Rakaia

    New Zealand Shipping Company's Rakaia. I believe she was one of the Cadet ships in their fleet. A recent 21in x 13in watercolour. Tony W.
  2. Rakaia

    A smoky day in the Port of London 1961/62. Looking aft on Rakaia.
  3. Rakaia

    Rakaia in Rijeka 1961
  4. Rakaia

  5. Rakaia

    Rakaia cadets at leisure.
  6. Rakaia

    A Mule 50 years ago
  7. Rakaia

    Another shot of Rakaia cadets trying their hand at 'taking soundings' under the watchful eye of our Seamanship Instructor as we transit the canal. A lot better than 'windyhammering' or 'holystoning' the decks I think!
  8. Rakaia

    Rakaia cadets celebrating a whaler race win.
  9. Rakaia

    Cadets Christmas Dinner on Rakaia 1960
  10. Rakaia 1960

    Rakaia 1960
  11. RAKAIA 1960

    Rakaia 1960
  12. Rakaia in Lyttelton, NZ 1961

    Rakaia in Lyttelton Harbour 1961
  13. Rakaia

  14. Rakaia

  15. Rakaia

  16. Rakaia

    Barber duties for Mike
  17. Reg Stannard deck boy M.V Rakaia

    This is a photo of my father, deck boy M.V Rakaia Sept 1958
1-20 of 23 Results