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  1. Seismic research vessel Ramform Victory

    One of a class of quite remarkable ships.
  2. Ramform Victory

    This gives a good impression of the remarkable shape of the vessel. At first glance, she looks like a very large ship that has been cut in half! I recommend checking 'Ramform Victory, and PGS on Google, where you will find pictures of these ships in action, plus plenty of information about...
  3. Ramform Victory

    This photo shows the vast beam compared to length
  4. Ramform Victory

    This photo shows the enormous 39.6 m beam and the huge area from which the seismic streamers are managed. Above is the helicopter deck.
  5. Ramform Victory

    These four photos show the extraordinary Ramform Victory, which visited Geelong in May '06. She is one of six similar vessels operated by PGS, which are engaged in seismic investigation of oil and gas fields. The design was developed from the Norwegian Navy surveillance ship Marjarta, and is...
  6. Ramform Victory

    Arriving Port of Melbourne. With a hull form while functional, resembles a slide of pizza!
1-7 of 7 Results