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  1. Ramsgate at Ramsgate

    Shulte and Bruns' Ramsgate arriving at Ramsgate.
  2. Ramsgate Harbour

    Waterdale, Romark and Glencree during a Christmas period in the 1970's.
  3. Beverley Brook

    Beverley Brook arriving at Ramsgate.
  4. Inge Meyn

    German coaster Inge Meyn arriving at Ramsgate.
  5. Richard Rahmann

    German coaster Richard Rahmann departing Ramsgate.
  6. Nereus

    German coaster Nereus at Ramsgate.
  7. Boyan

    German coaster Boyan arriving at Ramsgate.
  8. Ignition

    London and Rochester's Ignition arriving at Ramsgate.
  9. Odra and Turquoise

    Polish coaster Odra and Belgian Turquoise at Ramsgate during one of the frequent London dock strikes.
  10. Marie W

    Dutch coaster Marie W discharging fertiliser at Ramsgate.
  11. Butjadingen

    German coaster Butjardingen departing Ramsgate.
  12. Tinda

    Dutch coaster Tinda at Ramsgate.
  13. Olau Vig

    Olau Vig of the short lived Thanet line arriving at Ramsgate.
  14. Scone

    Much of the grain delivered to Ramsgate was carried by London and Rochester's motorised Thames barges,Scone being a typical example.
  15. Crescence

    London and Rochester's Crescence at Ramsgate.
  16. Seeclipper

    German coaster Seeclipper arriving at Ramsgate.
  17. Gre

    Dutch coaster Gre departing Ramsgate.
  18. Anne Ohl

    German coaster Anne Ohl at Ramsgate.
  19. Buckingham

    Bowker and King's Buckingham has discharged at Richborough and is pictured entering Ramsgate harbour as foul weather is expected.
  20. Ingmar

    German coaster Ingmar departing Ramsgate having delivered a cargo of timber. The Salvor was used at Ramsgate as tug/pilot boat.
1-20 of 26 Results