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  1. Unknown Port

    Unknown Port

    1967 port unknown, NS Savannah in back ground with Blumenthal (I think), of Hamburg America Line in forground. Can anyone help id the harbour. Taken when on the Richard De Larrinaga.
  2. Kobe


    June/July 1967 Kawasaki Shipyard, Kobe. Sorry about the poor quality but film has not lasted too well. Photo taken from Richard De Larrinaga.
  3. Richard De Larrinaga

    Richard De Larrinaga

    June/July 1967 Kawasaki Shipyard Kobe, 12 year survey.
  4. North Vancouver

    North Vancouver

    Richard De Larrinaga, October 1967, loading timber for Belfast & Avonmouth, cargo included zinc/lead ingots & honey, also part loaded at New Westminster. 38 day passage N Vancouver - Belfast, charterer Anglo Canadian (Westships) Ltd.