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  1. Redcar

    Bolton SS Co Redcar is discharging iron ore at the BISC Terminal at Tyne Dock in 1969. Built 1956 she was 10,746 gr tons.
  2. Redcar

    One of four sisters for Fred Bolton's North Yorkshire Shipping Company the "Redcar" is seen anchored in the Mersey on a murky evening. Completed in 1956 she was one of two built by Smith's Dock, the others coming from Lithgows. 10,746 grt, 15,244 dwt, 505'00" x 69'01" x 28'11" draught she went...
  3. BIRGER 1898

    This anchor is on the foreshore out side REDCAR lifeboat station. It was a finnish ship that hit the rocks off redcar. note,that in the pic is a group of wreaths. The ships in the back ground or anchored off waiting there turn to enter HARTLEPOOL. and the little cobble in the foreground ,had...
  4. Redcar (1956) - Bolton S.S.

    Taken in Birkenhead docks c.1970
1-4 of 4 Results