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  1. RFA Regent

    RFA Regent inbound R.Tyne.
  2. Silver Jubilee Fleet Review Program

    Back cover of the Official Souvenir Program, featuring RAS between RFA Regent, HMS Ark Royal, RFA Olmeda and a Leander class frigate HMS Galatea
  3. RFA Regent

    RFA Regent - detail during RAS trials at Portland 1968
  4. RFA Regent

    Alongside in Oranjestad Aruba with RFA Tideflow 1975. Outside the UK, ammunition ships nearly always were berthed alongside
  5. HRH over RFA Regent

    HRH Prince Charles vertrepping from RFA Regent to HMS Hermes. 1975
  6. RFA Regent

    Wessex 436 vertrepping from RFA Regent. 1975
  7. RFA Regent - Aruba

    Alongside in Orangestad 1975. RFA Tideflow top right.
  8. RFA Regent - Vertrep - 1975

    Wessex 5 436 Regent Flight.
  9. RFA Regent

    Closing to fuel from RFA Plumleaf April 28th 1982 3 30N 16 31W
  10. Seven Seas Voyager

    Regents, Seven Seas Voyager,,,,seen at Greenwich the 05.09.2006
  11. HMS Regent

    Launched June 1930. Lost with all hands - presumed mined, April 1943
  12. RFA Regent - Cricket

    While waiting for the helicopter to return it was the practice in RFA Regent to indulge in a quick game of cricket. While still connected to the bridge and aircraft of course.
  13. RFA Regent

    Heavy Jackstay with RFA Sir Lancelot 1975
  14. RFA Regent

    Regent Flight Wessex 436 conducting vertical replenishment.
  15. HMS Regent

    Launched 1930 Lost off Italy April 1943 Wreck found by Italian divers 1999.
  16. Cadet Unit RFA Regent

    RFA Regent Canada 1978
1-16 of 16 Results