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  1. Regina

    Chandris Cruises Built 1939 by Bethlehem Steel Co 10,603 gross tons, 494 foot x 64 foot beam, speed @ 17 knots ex President Hoover ex Panama ex James Parker ex Panama
  2. Regina

    Chandris Lines Scanned from company issue postcard
  3. Regina

    Leaving Leixoes harbour
  4. Regina

    Any may add data-base of this steamship named REGINA grounded outside of the Finish port of Helsingfors saved by Finska Bergnings Aktiebolaget NEPTUN.
  5. Regina

    The Greek m/v REGINA, imo 5039410/87,34m/1.195gt/14knots; 08/1954 completed by Gutenhoffnung Shutte Ruhrwerft AG, Walsum, for Fisser & V. Doornum; 1957 BELEM, Union Industrielle et Maritime, Rouen; 1968 REGINA, F. Kokkinadis e al, Greece; 1976 FELICE, S.D. & D. S. Halkias; 1979 KARINA, Cairn...
  6. MV Regina

  7. Regina

    REGINA 1939 10021 tgr Chandris-Grk B/as PANAMA Panama RlyRd NYK 41-JAMES PARKER 57-PRESIDENT HOOVER 65-REGINA 73-REGINA PRIMA B/up Aliaga 4-12-85 From an original slide with full copyright. Taken 3-67. Unknown location. See link as PRESIDENT HOOVER...

    Seen at Genoa 1985 discharging rice-Stocznia Gdanska built 1973 as EVA.
  9. Regina Renaissance

    Newhaven did, at one time, attract the occasional cruise ship. This pic, courtesy of Macjack, shows the Regina Renaissance at the East Quay - 1990's.
1-10 of 10 Results