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  1. research


    in lerwick tonight
  2. research


    in lerwick tonight
  3. LK 62 Research

    LK 62 Research

    LK 62 Research in Hirthals today for annual repaint
  4. LK 62 Research

    LK 62 Research

    In Hirtshals 25th April 2007
  5. Slaatterøy in Thyborøn

    Slaatterøy in Thyborøn

    This norwegian vessel was today landing bluewhitting to the local fishmeal factory Triple Nine in Thyborøn, DK
  6. Saksaberg TG381

    Saksaberg TG381

    Farose vessel "Saksaberg" in Hirtshals (DK) af few years back
  7. RV Marion Dufresne

    RV Marion Dufresne

    a second view of the Marion Dufresne in Durban
  8. R/V Marion Dufresne

    R/V Marion Dufresne

    The research vessel Marion Dufresne called at Durban in 1996. Length 120.50 m, breadth 20.60 m, depth 12.80 m, draft 7 m, displacement 10380 t, deadweight 4900 t. 3 diesel generator sets, 8250 kW electrical production capability, 2 synchronous electrical motors for vessel propulsion (3000 kW each),
  9. More Challengers

    More Challengers

    R.R.S. Challenger in Oban Bay approx '85 to pay off a bunch of Scientific staff. Long since left service with the research council NERC but now gone for scrapping to Fornaes Aps in Grenaa, Denmark - the yard that is scrapping all the big Scottish fishing boats. See 3/4 down the news page from link