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  1. MV British Resource-(O.No.183096)-BP Tanker-ADM, Amsterdam-25-03-1966

    Petroleum Products Tanker, Motor Vessel British Resource, (IMO Number: 1183096; Official Number: 183096), launched Wednesday, 16/03/1949, to yard number 694, by Hawthorn, Leslie and Company Limited, Hebburn Yard, South Shields, and completed and delivered, September 1949, to British Tanker...
  2. Resource

    Resource undergoing a highline transfer from Ark Royal prior to a Towex. phot from Ark's phot dept possibly 1976.
  3. Ark Royal RAS

    Image possibly from Ark's phot dept. Ark RASing with Olmeda, Resource, Reliant and Tartar. Date - Mid 70's ?
  4. RFA Resource

    RFA Resource seen in early morning weak sunshine, late 1980's
  5. RFA Resource

    RFA Resource general arrangement. For dab, Mick S and friends of R Class
  6. RFA Resource

    Maiden Voyage 1967 - photo taken from ship's Wessex helo, on passage to Capetown
  7. RFA Resource

    RFA Resource crash boat and crew
  8. RFA Resource

    RFA Resource Flight Deck crew 1967
  9. RFA Resource

    Ship's Flight Wessex 469 folded on deck RFA Resource
  10. RFA Resource

    Plymouth Sound January 1986

    Completed by Scotts' at Greenock in 1967, sister to Belfast built REGENT. Taken off Dunoon on the Clyde in 1979. RESOURCE was scrapped as RESOURCEFUL in 1997.
  12. RFA Resource

    Plymouth Sound 1976
  13. RFA Resource

    For J A Pottinger. This is the sharpest I have.
  14. RFA Resource

    RFA Resource, RFA Pearleaf and RFA Grey Rover in a 3 ship RAS. Med, 1986
1-15 of 15 Results