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  1. Holland

    The beautifully restored Dutch tug "Holland" photographed (from another preserved vessel) in Oban Bay, May 2008.
  2. SS Robin arriving Port of Tilbury

    SS Robin arrives safely to Port of Tilbury, having departed Lowestoft the previous day - and making the journey shortly after her 120th anniversary
  3. Zephyr - built 1873, Melbourne

    Zephyr, still actively used. Located in Victoria Docks, Melbourne. I am not sure if Blunts were the actual builders of her. Nice touch if they were.
  4. Monitor M33, drydock Portsmouth, 1997

    I am short on details of this as it was not open to the public when I took this shot. I note that Phil and comments to his photos provide some of that missing detail
  5. ST Sachsenwald, Engine room, boilers

    Coal fired (obviously), built 1914. refer to other photos. History notes welcome.
  6. ST Sachsenwald, Engine room

    Beautifully kept and so quiet.
  7. ST Sachsenwald, River Havel, Potsdam, 2000

    Do not know much about the history of this ship. Run as a tourist ferry not far from the Potsdam railway station. A very enjoyable afternoons steaming up and down the river. Funnel hinges backwards for passing under bridges. Built in 1914, See other posted photos.
  8. Rona 1966, before restoration to Polly Woodside

    Rona as a disused coal lighter at dockside on the Yarra River Melbourne. Later restored as Barque Polly Woodside. Photo taken 1966
  9. ST Wattle, Melbourne 1988

    Restored Wattle steamimg up before a tourist run. Lyttelton II in the background
1-11 of 11 Results