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  1. Rex

    Rex built 1932
  2. T/n REX 'Italia'

    Turbo nave REX outbound abeam Ambrose Lightship. 12 x 16 inches. Oil panel, dated 2019.
  3. REX

    Norwegian REX, in the background MICHAEL A. Built 1919, ex Orania, ex Avilesino. Tonnage Gross tonnage: 1.108 Net tonnage: 1.074 Deadweight: 1.800 Engine Propulsion: Triple 3 cyl. Engine size: NHK 127 Speed: 9,5 kn Dimensions Length: 237.3' Beam: 36.6' Draft: 14.6' History 11/1919: Skibs A/S Mad
  4. Rex

    Here is a stern view of Italy’s Rex, also taken in Genoa, with the ship dressed overall. This ship IMO was one of the few that didn’t look as good photographed from the stern. It just seems odd that, with the exception of her funnels, her lifeboats were, for the most part, the tallest structures s
  5. Rex

    Nice shot of the Rex in her home port of Genoa during her brief reign as the Atlantic Champion in 1934.
  6. Rex

  7. Rex

    A gorgeous COLOR photo of the Italian Line's SS Rex in New York on 10 August 1933.
  8. Wartime Liners 1939

    Here's another view of some of histories greatest North Atlantic Liners docked together in New York on 16 September, 1939, just days after the start of World War 2. Only three of these five liners would survive the conflict.
  9. Rex

    Rex showing off her speed that won her the Blue Riband, as well as the gorgeous lines that classified her as one of the most beautiful ships ever built. This was apparently taken on approach to New York; note the several open gangway doors on the hull and superstructure.
  10. New York Harbor, 1936

    This group shot from the air over New York’s super liner piers was taken in 1936. It shows the Europa, Rex, Normandie, Georgic, and Berengaria docked between their scheduled Atlantic voyages and cruises. I’m not sure of the month this was taken, so it’s possible the Queen Mary was already in servi
  11. Rex

    The beautiful Italian Blue Riband holder captured by the maritime artist John Batchelor
  12. Rex and Aquitania

    The Italian Liner Rex is shown coming back down the Hudson River after turning around upstream in preparation for her docking on September 16, 1939. The picture was taken from the second class promenade deck of the Aquitania, which had just arrived about an hour earlier. One has got to wonder what
  13. Aquitania and Rex

    The Aquitania and the Rex are seen together in New York in this image from September, 1939. Aquitania is already painted in a coat of wartime gray, while the Italian liner continued to sail on the Southern route between Italy and New York.
  14. Rex

    The picture of the Rex appeared on SN a while back, but the original image showed two US warplanes B-17's flying just above the forward funnel. Someone did some fine photo shopping back in a time before any computer program for doing so even existed. Here is link to the original picture: http://ww
  15. Rex

    The Italia Line 'Blue Riband' holder depicted on an Ogden's Cigarettes card
  16. Rex

    The Italian Atlantic liner Rex entering an Italian port shortly after her maiden voyage. The Rex (51,062 grt/30,623 nrt) was launched on Aug. 1st, 1931 by G. Ansaldo & Co. of Sestri Ponente, Genoa and completed in Sept. 1932. She was a quadruple screw steamer, driven by 12 steam turbines with a
  17. Liners in New York, 1939

    Another view of Ile De France, Normandie, Queen Mary, Aquitania, and Rex in New York on 16 September, 1939, right after the start of World War 2.
  18. Liners in New York at the start of WW2

    The North Atlantic Liners Ile De France, Normandie, Queen Mary, Aquitania, and Rex, fill Manhattan's major liner piers at the start of World War 2. This picture was taken on September 16, 1939.
  19. Rex

    In the spotlight at the Chicago Museum of Science and Technology.
  20. REX

    Rex with two B-17's flying above
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