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    DOD CAPTION Mayport, Fla. (June 4, 2006) The British Royal Fleet Auxiliary Argus (A135), Belfast, England, approaches the pier at Naval Station Mayport. The ship is conducting a scheduled port visit. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Jared D. Wilson ©USN Official Photo
  2. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus turning in order to berth stern first onto Duchy Wharf at Falmouth.
  3. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus returning to Falmouth 26 Sept 2019. Passing St Anthony's Head, bow tug Cannis making fast.

    Unusual but urgently needed cargo.
  5. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus docking down in number 2 dock Falmouth. The vessel is just above the blocks as the crew ensure she remains positioned by the warps.

    BAY class auxiliary astern.
  7. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus - Gotto Wharf, Belfast
  8. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus - Gotto Wharf, Belfast.
  9. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus - Weymouth Bay
  10. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus - Portland
  11. RFA Argus

    Falmouth 06 April 2013
  12. RFA Argus

    March 2013 RFA Argus refitting in number 2 dry dock Falmouth. Note the new longer bridge wings and huge new lifeboat davits for the enclosed lifeboats, akin to the Fort Austin refit.
  13. Lottery draw on RFA ARGUS

    I guess the time of this photo would be early to mid 90s. Top left is Motorman Kevin Stephenson now Donkeyman. The RFA Officer is Dave Gatenby who was 2nd Officer Supply (Purser in old money) at the time, kneeling on right of picture. The others are unknown. Pity the RN did not get their Lifebuoy in
  14. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus - Belfast Lough. October 2008
  15. RFA Argus

    RFA Argus
  16. RFA Argus

    Alongsdide in Portsmouth Dockyard. August 3rd 2005. The 100th birthday of the RFA Service.
  17. RFA Argus

    Royal Marine Band on board RFA Argus at Portsmouth. August 3rd 2005 celebrating the 100th birthday of the RFA Service..
1-20 of 22 Results