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    USS CARL VINSON at rear
  2. RFA Fort Grange

    RFA Fort Grange anchored at Pearl Harbour during Global 86. On one occasion the US liberty boat had a steering failure on the way into the port, the female coxswain panicked and stopped the boat, alas the RFA and RN passengers took over and in the finest traditions etc... ensured we made the...
  3. RFA FORT GRANGE, departing Plymouth, I am assured.

    I nice shot of RFA FORT GRANGE with a slight port heel on, turning starboard with two tugs and a pilot on board. I am pretty sure the port is Plymouth. Looking good.
  4. RFA Fort Grange and RFA Tidespirng

    RFA Fort Grange and RFA Tidespring
1-10 of 10 Results