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  1. Megan docked at Rhodes.JPG

    Megan docked at Rhodes.JPG

    The yacht Megan docked at Rhodes, Greece. Apologies for the blemishes on the photo - I'll have those cleared in future uploads.
  2. Blue Star Patmos.jpg

    Blue Star Patmos.jpg

    Blue Star Patmos departing Rhodes harbour in 2018
  3. Golden Iris at night.jpg

    Golden Iris at night.jpg

    Golden Iris photographed at night while docked at Rhodes, Greece 2018.
  4. Rhodes, Greece

    Rhodes, Greece

    Harbor, Rhodes, Greece.
  5. Rhodes, Greece

    Rhodes, Greece

    Entering harbor, Rhodes, Greece.
  6. Pilot Boat name unknown

    Pilot Boat name unknown

    Rhodes Pilot Boat, name anyone please??
  7. Its_all_Greek_to_me_SN


    Taken in Rhodes 29/06/07. I cannot read Greek, all help welcome.
  8. Rhodes


    Another holiday sketch from the folder I've unearthed. This time a pencil drawing of the harbour at Rhodes.