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  1. Rhodesia Castle

    Union Castle Line Lying off Tilbury Landing Stage
  2. Rhodesia Castle

    A colour photo of the Rhodesia Castle taken probably in the early 50,s at one of the East African ports. It is in its original Union Castle frame with the label stating. "A Union Castle Cabin Class Ship 17,000 Tons ( In the round Africa service ) S.S.Braemar Castle S.S.Kenya Castle...
  3. The Mersey from a cable car

    Taken from a cable car in New Brighton fairground, 15th August 1960, and looking north east across the Mersey to Gladstone dock. Is that a radar tower to the left? (between the cables)
  4. Rhodesia Castle

    The Rhodesia Castle
  5. Rhodesia Castle

    Rhodesia Castle taking bunkers in Aden in July 1965.
  6. Rhodesia Castle

    Naples in September 1965 stern of the Rhodesia Castle with a couple of cars for deck cargo, anyone for Deck tennis?
  7. Rhodesia Castle - Let Go Forward

    Fore Deck crew of the Rhodesia Castle, departing Mombassa in August 1965. The author is on the winch retrieving the spring. I seem to remember the bosuns surname was 'Parker.'
  8. Rhodesia Castle

    Bunkering in Aden, September 1965.
  9. Rhodesia Castle

    Nortbound in the Suez canal, looking aft, with the 'Chusan' astern. Note the outdoor movie screen. July 1965.
1-9 of 9 Results