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  1. Reserve (Mothball)Fleet

    Richard De Larrinaga on the way to Beaumont, Texas March 1967, to load bagged flour for Port Sudan. Don`t know if any of these vessels are still there, I suspect they have been broken up some time ago. Sorry about the poor quality of the film
  2. Richard De Larrinaga

    Calcutta Dec. 1966. Changing from Larry`s 3 yellow & 2 red bands on black stack to Greek Elliniki (Hellenic) Lines colours for charter voyage to USA Eastern Seaboard, via India, Yemen, Eritrea, & Suez.
  3. Verrazano Bridge

    1967 Feb/March, inbound to New York.
  4. Philadelphia

    1967 just passed the Navy Shipyard on the port quarter. Does anyone know the names of these two bridges, do they have names? It looks as though an old flat-top is in the Navy Yard but I don`t have a clue now which one it was. Do seem to recall there were some interesting laid up craft though.
  5. Philadelphia

    One of the many bridges on the way up to Philly, year 1967 around Feb/March.
  6. Kobe

    1967 Kobe harbour from one of the ship-yards. With magnifying glass can make out from left to right, Mess. Maritime V class, (in way of mast), W class ? BI, Victory ship unknown, K line, NYK Line,it gets too obscure from there on apart from a Horn Line vessel.
  7. Kobe

    Kobe Port Tower 1967, is it still in operation?
  8. Richard De Larrinaga

    Drydock Kobe 1967. This pic again for Robin, it wasn`t our imagination this is proof positive of our grounding coming out of Beaumont Texas 1966. Think we had a black out & lost steerage way, bounced off the bank, & dropped both `hooks` to pull us up quick-sticks; but we survived for another...
  9. Richard De Larrinaga

    Dry dock Kobe 1967, 12 year special survey. This pic for Robin Wendleman in Australia, it wasn`t your imagination this is the rascal we sailed on all those years ago. If it hadn`t been for the portals of SN we more than likely would never have made contact again.
  10. Richard De Larrinaga

    Transiting Suez Canal ? late `50`searly `60`s
1-10 of 10 Results