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    Hong Kong, October 1976
  2. Straat Rio

    Straat Rio

  3. Straat Mozambique

    Straat Mozambique

    In Malakka straits off Penang
  4. Straat Singapore

    Straat Singapore

  5. Straat Florida

    Straat Florida

    On trials
  6. Van Spilbergen

    Van Spilbergen

    later name changed to Straat Luzon Sailed nearly all her life under KJCPL
  7. Houtman


    Under KJCPL colours. Was KPM owned but sailed under carter to KJCPL most of her life
  8. Nieuw Zeeland

    Nieuw Zeeland

    Sunk in the Med in 1942 Sistership Nieuw Holland which later transferred to KJCPL
  9. Nieuw Holland

    Nieuw Holland

    previous Randfontein of the VNS
  10. Straat Hong kong

    Straat Hong kong

    Departing Cape Town As if the background is not well known.
  11. Nedlloyd napier

    Nedlloyd napier

    Formerly Straat Napier
  12. Straat Nassau

    Straat Nassau

  13. Straat Nassau

    Straat Nassau

  14. Sinabang


    Formally KPM
  15. Bossevain at Cape Town

    Bossevain at Cape Town

    In original colour scheme whilst KPM Later transferred to KJCPL (aka RIL) a sister company
  16. Wonorato in harbour

    Wonorato in harbour

    Still in KRL hull colour but taken into RIL fleet upon amalgemation into Nedlloyd
  17. Straat Chatam

    Straat Chatam

    Before lengthening
  18. Tjiwangi


  19. Straat Chatam

    Straat Chatam

    After lengthening Crane added
  20. Sinabang


    Former KPM ships taken over with amalgamation of KJCPL and KPM