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  1. Ringdove

    The General Steam Navigation Company's Ringdove, 1102 tons gross, built 1954. Seen at Bristol 25 December 1964 waiting to dicharge her cargo of Brandy from Bordeaux.

    General Steam Navigation Company's RINGDOVE is seen passing Portishead. outbound from Bristol, on 3rd January 1966. Built at Troon in 1954, she was sold in 1967 to trade in the Mediterranean as the Bahamas registered HORIZONT, then sold to Yugoslavia in 1973 and renamed OTOK. She was broken...
  3. Ringdove

    The British m/s Ringdove, 75,8m/1.102gt, launched 08/10/1954 by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co.,Troon, for General Steam Navigation Co.,London: 1967 Horizont, Cove Shipping Co,Ltd, Nassau; 1972 s/name, Lopedra Shipping Corp.,Nassau; 1973 Otok, Losinjska Plovidva,Yugoslavia; 1983 scrapped at Split. Seen...
1-3 of 3 Results