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river clyde
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  1. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is seen departing John Brown’s Fitting Out Basin on the Clyde on the foggy morning of 10 May, 1914. The ship was captured moving under her own power for the first time, and she’s watched by groups of onlookers in small boats.
  2. Landing on Gallipoli

    The landing on V Beach, Gallipoli in 1915. The photograph shows the camp of the Australian 2nd Infantry Brigade, the Royal Munster Fisiliers, Royal Dublin Fusiliers and Royal Hampshire Regiment on V Beach, below the Sedd ul-Bahir castle. The landings began on April 25th, 1915 and on the next day th
  3. Yoker Swan (Renfrew Ferry)

    From Yoker looking up R Clyde to Braeside 1989
  4. Renfrew Ferry 1978

    From Renfrew Park, background L to R Bulls Metal, Drysdales Pumps, Elderslie Dry Docks, Yarrows
  5. River Clyde

    The SS River Clyde at Mudros, before the bloody Gallipoli landing April 25th 1915, in which she was to play a big part. Painting by Frank Mason
  6. Furness Bridge

    Furness Bridge, on the the river clyde, 1971
1-6 of 6 Results