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  1. Bloor's wharf - R.Medway.

    A few more rig standby vessels awaiting their fate.
  2. Bloor's wharf - R.Medway.

    Redundant rig standby vessels awaiting the cutters torch.
  3. Loach

    The London and Rochester coaster seen on the River Medway on the 28 May 1977 travelling to her base at Strood.
  4. St Vincent

    Undated postcard of St Vincent in a floating drydock in the River Medway. St Vincent, name ship of the class. Built at Portsmouth Dockyard Laid Down : 30 Dec 1907 Launched : 10 Sept 1908 Completed : 3 May 1909 Displacement normal: 19560 tons Displacement full: 23030 tons Length...
1-4 of 4 Results