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  1. Ship Research
    Does anyone know of or can confirm if an RFA tanker visited Saigon in the early 70‘s with a cargo of Avgas for the US military?
  2. River Thames

    This 1982 view of a Gravesend pilot cutter shows the robust and workmanlike design that to my mind was most successful for what could be an exposed and torrid transfer. She looks a bit cobbled together and the pilots themselves seemed to fancy something a bit more whizzy but anything down that...
  3. River Thames

    The Norwegian Captain, his wife, daughter and crewmembers fron the 3 masted steel barque RIVER THAMES, when she sailed for Simon A. Sande from Flekkefjord (1894-1902) She was built in 1864 by the Clyde Shipbuilding Co., Greenock (507 BRT) for John Hargrove ( Hargrove and Hellon), Liverpool...
  4. USS Barnstable County

    LST1197 heading up the River Thames...
  5. Hibernia

    Hibernia just off Canvey Island...
  6. Ilya Ulyanov

    A Soviet Union cargo ship passing Gravesend...


    KRAFTCA inbound for Tilbury
  9. River Thames, London

    A nostalgic view on the Tower of London, the Tower Wharf and the Traitor's Gate on a coloured 1950's postcard. A small harbour tug with some non-propelled barges have just berthed at a buoy on the Thames anchorage.
  10. Royal Sovereign on River Thames

    An aerial view of an unidentified passenger ship or liner, seen here anchoring on the River Thames off the Tower of London. Maybe anyone knows the name and particulars about this vessel. Any help is welcome.
  11. River Thames, London

    The Thames embankment in the city of London, apparently at the Greenwich pier. In the foreground is visible the paddle steamer Caxton (120 grt). It was launched on May 23rd, 1905 by Napier and Miller at Yoker, Scotland, hull-number 147. She was employed in the London County Council's steamer...

    Passing Tilbury and Gravesend
  13. City

    Launch Date: 27 Jan 1976 Date of completion: Mar 1976 Builder: Scheepswerf Biholt NV, Holland in their Foxhol yard, Yard No. 600 Built for F. T Everard and Sons Ltd Dimensions: 499 grt : 320 net tons : 860 DWT Length overall: 56.1 m x Beam: 9.9m Machinery: 1 – 6cylinder oil engine by...
  14. Waterloo

    Photographed at Tilbury Passenger Terminal on 26 September 1990 Details for Waterloo taken from website. Built 1987 by McTay Marine Ltd., Bromborough. Yard Number: 77. Dimensions: Length 31.15m. x Beam 9.76m. x Draught 4.58m. GRT: 301. . Propulsion: 2x6cyl Ruston...
  15. River Thames, Woolwich Ferry and Royal Docks from Bellwater Gate, Woolwich

    This shot from Greenwich Heritage Centre was taken sometime in the 1950s and shows one of the famous Woolwich Ferries making the crossing northbound and in the background, several funnels can be seen belonging to vessels moored in King George V Dock. This photograph was taken in Bellwater Gate...
  16. River Thames from stern of Woolwich Ferry

    This shot from the Greenwich Heritage Centre is taken from the stern of one of the Woolwich Ferries and shows the River Thames sometime during the 1950s.
  17. River Thames looking north from Woolwich

    This shot sourced from the Greenwich Heritage Centre shows the famous Woolwich Free Ferries during the 1950s and looks north across the River Thames towards the Royal Docks where several funnels can be seen in the distance.
  18. Donga

    Elder Dempster Line MV Donga built 1960, gross tonnage 8986. Sailing down the River Thames off Gravesend circa 1978.
  19. Avenger

    Alexandra Towings motor tug Avenger is seen here passing down the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978. Built in 1962 and grossing 300 tons it carries firefighting equipment.
1-20 of 45 Results