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  1. River Tyne

    Seven Seas Voyager passing Spirit of the Tyne at the South Shields ferry landing
  2. Aquitania

    Aquitania raises steam in preparation for her departure from the Armstrong - Whitworth Shipyard on the Tyne in May, 1920. Notice the ship still has the white painted forepeak from her days as an austerity ship in late 1919. The ship would go straight into the Gladstone Dock upon returning to...
  3. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is seen on the River Tyne in March, 1920, while undergoing her restoration and conversion to oil fuel. The submarine M-3 is shown returning from trials. This picture can help to give one an idea of what the crew of the American Destroyer USS Shaw saw from that ship's decks in the...
  4. Mauretania

    During her final voyage to the ship breakers at Rosyth, Mauretania is seen from the air during her nearly day long stop at the Mouth of the Tyne, on 3 July, 1935. This fine aerial view, perhaps the last ever taken of her, was captured by an unknown photographer from Chicago, who worked for a...
  5. River Tyne

    Evening scene on 23rd July 2015 as the outbound MV Marina of Oceania Cruises passes the Tyne Ferry terminal at South Shields
  6. River Tyne

    Saga Sapphire arriving on the Tyne on 9th July 2012 accompanied by Svitzer Redbridge
  7. River Tyne

    Queen Elizabeth 2 and DFDS ferry at North Shields on 17th September 2007
  8. River Tyne

    Shipping on the Tyne on 18th June 2014 seen from Northumbrian Quay
  9. River Tyne

    View from South Shields across the river on 29th July 2012
  10. River Tyne

    View upstream toward Tyne Dock from South Shields on 23rd May 2012
  11. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is seen resting alongside the pier wall and facing upriver at the Armstrong-Whitworth Yard in Walker on the Tyne. The ship has been boomed out away from the pier to accommodate her draft. The liner is undergoing her post war reconditioning, and conversion to oil fuel in early...
  12. River Tyne

    View up-river toward North Shields fish quay from South Shields on 28 June 2006
  13. Britannia

    royal yacht britannia entering river tyne at dawn
  14. River Tyne

    Looking up-river toward Tyne Dock on 8th June 2012
  15. River Tyne

    View from South Shields on 11th March 2012
  16. River Tyne

    DFDS ferries and Saga Rose on the River Tyne 1st September 2007
  17. Aquitania

    The Aquitania undergoes restoration and conversion to oil at the Armstrong Whitworth Shipyard on the Tyne in December, 1920.
  18. Aquitania

    In December, 1919, Aquitania steamed; bow first, up the Tyne as a coal burner. Six months later, she was towed stern first down the Tyne as an oil burner. This picture was taken during her trip back down the river. The narrow confines of the Tyne did not allow the 901 foot liner to be turned...
  19. River Tyne

    View looking up-river on 21st July 2011
  20. Mauretania

    The new Mauretania, still with her primer gray hull, raises steam for her first departure from the Tyne. She will head downriver to begin her builders trials. The date is 20 September, 1907.
1-20 of 31 Results