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  1. Capital City

    CAPITAL CITY was a stern-wheeler riverboat built in 1910 and owned by the California Transportation Co., and was used as a passenger riverboat between Sacramento and San Francisco. Her sister ship was FORT SUTTER. Both the CAPITAL CITY and FORT SUTTER were in service until June 1927, when they...
  2. Queen of the West

    Berthed at a small river town called the Dalles,OR
  3. Riverboat Queen of the West

    On the beach visiting the sights
  4. River Symphony

    Going Down
  5. Danube River

    Leaving Vienna on the start of a 14 day trip.
  6. River Symphony

    A river cruise boat operating on the rivers of europe. Took a 14 day cruise on her in June of 2004,the trip was outstanding,excellent food and accommodations. Carries 140 passengers. We sailed from Vienna to Amsterdam.
1-6 of 6 Results