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  1. Alongside Falmouth

    Along the side of the rmas base at Falmouth coastlines jetty.
  2. kommandor iona ex salmoor

    Seen in greenock today. Thanks to CRYAN for pic.
  3. Rosyth tugs

    a nice little selection taken during Navy days 1970.
  4. Gwendoline P

    Built 1974 143gt ex Gwendoline-99 Built by Hancocks Shipbuilding Co., Pembroke Dock Operated by Serco Denholm Seen in Portsmouth Harbour on 12 Oct 2010
  5. RMAS Dog class variants

    Scatchbuilt, 1/1250 scale. About 1" long.
  6. RMAS tugs old and new

    Scratchbuilt to 1/1250 scale.
  7. RMAS tugs

    Scratchbuilt,at 1/1250 constant scale. L-R Reliable, Adept, Dog (early) and Director
  8. SD Bustler

    Class and type: Adept-class tractor tug Built by: Richard Dunston (Hessle) Ltd for the RMAS. Completed on 15 April 1981 IMO Number: 7902336 Homeport(RMAS): HMNB Portsmouth RMAS : A225 Taken over by Serco Denholm at the disbanding of the RMAS in 2008 and renamed SD Bustler Displacement: 450 tons
  9. Bustler

    Photographed 31 July 2010 at Portsmouth during one of the Navy Days Launched: 1981 Built: R.Dunston (Hessle) Ltd - Hessle Yard/hull No.: H923 Delivered: Apr 1981 Homeport: HMNB Portsmouth General characteristics Class and type: Adept-class tractor tug GRT : 375 Length: 39 m Beam: 10 m Propuls

    Photographed 11 June 1982, Portsmouth. HMS Londonderry in the background, then being used as a trials ship with additional mast structure

    Photographed at Chatham on 28 May 1978 on one of the weekend Navy Days. ___________________________________________ RMAS Oilbird (Y25), moored alongside one of her sisters and in front of HMS Endurance. Oilbird , belonged to the Oilpress class of Coastal oilers , built in 1969 by Appledore Shpbuilde

    RMAS tugs Powerful and Bustler preceding the final entry of RFA Sir Galahad into Portsmouth 20 July 2006.

    Photographed Aug 1979 at Portland Fleet Tender RMAS Fleet (at time of photo) Pennant Number : A1772 Built by Dunstons and completed in 1973

    Photographed Aug 1979 at Portland Dog Class Tug RMAS fleet (at time of photo) Pennant Number : A250 Built at Appledore and completed in 1970
  15. MAGNET

    RMAS MAGNET A114 Built by Cleland Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Wallsend (Yard No. 344) and was completed in 1980 When it was established that the Ham Class Conversions were coming to the end of their useful lives the Royal Navy commissioned a study in to replacement Degausing Vessels. This resulte

    Photo taken 12 July 1990, Portsmouth RMAS Horning (A1773) tender . In the background is the new Sealink ferry St Faith which was conducting mooring trials on that day. The dark grey naval vessel is the Russian Sovremennyy class destroyer 413 Bezuprechnyy and moored in front of her is HMS Invincibl

    Photographed 6 Oct 1994 working in Portsmouth harbour, near the lay up berths

    Photographed 6 Oct 1994 working in Portsmouth harbour, near the lay up berths

    Photo : 22 Sept 1986 : Dry Dock Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. In dry dock along with naval lighter 1514F

    Photo : 25 June 1987 : Portsmouth Part of the escort for HMS Fife which was entering Portsmouth to pay off on a damp and overcast day, RMAS Powerful was also part of the escort
1-20 of 25 Results