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  1. ex Tyne Class Lifeboats

    On1154 47-036 (inner) & On1155 (outer) 47-037 Lying in the port at Bere Island, Castletownbere. Both these vessels and ex On1031 are operated by Bere Island ferries.
  2. ex Thames Class lifeboat

    ex On1031 50ft Thames Class lifeboat, "Rotary Service" Former Falmouth and Dover lifeboats, later Pilot Vessel at Fowey & Castletownbere. Seen here on mooring off Beare Island, This vessel is currently subject of a fundraising appeal to Bring it back to Brooke Marine in Lowestoft, where...
  3. 17-44 Castletownbere Lifeboat

    Seen with Boarding boat at the Lifeboat station 11th May
  4. RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed

    RNLB Ruby and Arthur Reed on the hard at Hythe.
  5. RNLB Ernest and Mabel

    RNLB Ernest and Mabel alongside in Weymouth.
  6. Atlantic 75 B-735 Donald and Ethel Macrae

    Atlantic 75 B-735 Donald and Ethel Macrae, ex-Queensferry, now Relief Fleet seen at Poole on 13/09/12
  7. 14-15 Henry Heys Duckworth

    The RNLI's Trent-Class. 14-15 Henry Heys Duckworth of The Relief Fleet, taken at Poole, Dorset on 13/09/2012
  8. RNLI TGB 1of7

    Story of TGB. More info. at Shipping Discusions-RNLI-The history of RNLI -TGB-
  9. Bon Accord

    Evening exercise.

    Falmouth Lifeboat seen on excerises about mid 1980's. What is the name and class of the boat?
  11. Scottish lifeboat

    A visitor from Scotland, attracted quite a crowd at the Silloth 150 YEARS celebrations.
  12. RNLI Trearddur Bay, Anglesey

    Lifeboat Station at Trearddur Bay
  13. what Class,

    RNLI, Life Boat, seen on the Thames, 15.03.2006

    ex Thurso lifeboat on choppy day
1-20 of 20 Results