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  1. Rockhampton Star

    British refrigerated cargo liner Rockhampton Star (oil painting on panel 70x50cm)
  2. Rockhampton Star

    Blue Star Line Almost a case of 'She's coming to get you!' Indicative of just how close up and personal views of the ships at Newhaven could be if you were in the right spot when they departed.
  3. Rockhampton Star

    This Blue Star vessel is seen in the Thames at Gravesend in 1960 anchored east of the IPM jetty - the approved short term anchorage for waiting vessels. A 1958 product of Cammell Laird Birkenhead she was 10,619 gr tons.
  4. Rockhampton Star

    A May 1980 view of Newhaven's deep sea quay with Blue Star Line's Rockhampton Star prominent. She was built by Cammell Laird at Birkenhead in 1958, was 9,847 gr tons and a great looker. The Argentinean SD14 coming to terms with the container age is ELMA's Jujuy II and the French Channel Ferry...
  5. Rockhampton Star

    As evening falls - taken in November 1981
  6. Rockhampton Star

    Rockhampton Star

    Auckland NZ 1960's own collection negative-photographer Marine Photos

    In 66 Cammel Laird built 58-GOLDEN LADY 81-BU Alang 83-

    Avonmouth 9/1979 A beautiful Sunday afternoon.

    Bluff 1972 Visited 1969,1970,1972,1974,1978

    This was one of the last visits of a BSL conventional ship on the UK run to visit Auckland. MV Rockhampton Star loading Jellicoe Wharf 1977. Built 1958 for BSL by Cammell Laird 9920 GRT. 1981 sold and renamed Golden Lady. 1983 Broken up Gadani Beach. Sister Queensland Star-Brasilia Star
  12. Rockhampton Star

    Rockhampton Star 10619 grt. Built 1958 by Cammell Laird & Co. Ltd. Birkenhead for Blue Star Line. Seen at Avonmouth 1965 with a cargo of Ref. Produce from New Zealand.
  13. Rockhampton Star

    Blue Star Line 1958 10619 grt 507 ft 68 ft 17 kts
  14. Rockhampton Star

    Rockhampton Star alongside Macquarie wharf in Hobart in April 1969.
  15. Rockhampton Star

    Here's Rockhampton Star at Newhaven, again in the 70's
1-15 of 16 Results