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  1. mabel warwick

    some crew members on the mabel warwick, segunto, spain, 1972
  2. yogi, esso newcastle

    yogi yohannsen, chipping the deck, esso newcastle, somewhere in the med'. 1970
  3. acropolis

    on shore with some of the esso newcastle, acropolis, athens, 1970. recognize anyone?
  4. esso newcastle, salonika

    esso newcastle, salonika, greece, 1970
  5. harry campbell, esso newcastle

    harry campbell (chief cook) on the esso newcastle, salonika, greece. 1970
  6. cable car, table mountain

    with some of the crew from the furness bridge, heading up table mountain, capetown. 1971
  7. Norman Ross, Furness Bridge

    me (on the left) with norman ross on the furness bridge, indian ocean, 1971
  8. furness bridge, painting the funnel

    painting the funnel on the furness bridge, capetown, 1971
  9. mabel warwick, bay of biscay

    frank and frank washing down, somewhere in the bay of biscay, winter, 1972
  10. mabel warwick, segunto, spain

    mabel warwick loading iron ore, segunto spain, 1972
  11. Mabel Warwick, Sagunto, Spain

    Mabel Warwick, loading iron ore, Sagunto, Spain, 1972
  12. Mabel Warwick

    Mabel Warwick unloading steel, Genoa, winter 1972
  13. esso newcastle, tank cleaning, mediterranean

    esso newcastle, tank cleaning, between salonika, greece and tripoli, lebanon, 1970
  14. esso newcastle and tug

    esso newcastle, salonika, greece, 1970
  15. esso newcastle, salonika

    esso newcastle, salonika, greece, 1970
  16. furness bridge

    furness bridge, maiden voyage, capetown, 1971
  17. furness bridge, self-portrait, on the anchor

    I had the other deck boy snap this picture of me on one of the anchors. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean during the maiden voyage.
  18. furness bridge, self-portrait, spare screw

    During the maiden voyage, i took this photograph of myself sitting on the spare screw. i don't know the name of the galley boy standing beside the screw.
  19. furness bridge, self-portrait, ras tanura

    Roddy MacInnes, and the Furness Bridge at Ras Tanura, during her naiden voyage, Jan, 1972.
1-19 of 19 Results