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  1. Roma

    Flag Chile. Muelle Prat en Valparaiso. Crew: Juan and Juan.
  2. Roma

    Fabre Line Built by Societe Nouvelle Forges et Chantiers de la Mediterranee La Seyne sur Mer 5,065 gross tons, speed @ 16 knots Broken up 1929
  3. Roma

    Lauro Line From a Company issue postcard in my collection
  4. NY Harbor 30 August, 1939

    Some of histories famous liners are shown docked in New York just two days before the outbreak of World War 2. This image is the reverse view of this picture posted earlier:
  5. Roma

    Roma seen in Naples after 1932. Delivered to Navigazione Generale Italiana in 1926, which became Italian Line in 1932 after merging with Cosulich STN and Lloyd Sabaudo. Sister ship to Augustus.
  6. Aquitania and Roma

    The Aquitania and the Roma are seen tied up at their New York Piers on August 29th, 1939.
  7. ROMA

    Roma with white hull. A postcard probably from the late thirties. Built 1926 for Navigazione Generale Italiana, later Italia Line. Sister ship of the Augustus. Converted to aircraft carrier during WWII and renamed Aquila. Broken up in La Spezia early 1950s.
  8. N.Y. Harbor August 30, 1939

    From top to bottom, the liners Bremen, Normandie, Aquitania, and Roma, are seen in New York Harbor on the morning of August 30, 1939. The start of World War 2 was just two days away.
  9. Roma

  10. ROMA

    The Italian battleship ROMA was commissioned in June 1942. Displacement 45 000 tons, length - 234 meters beam 32 meters,draught 9.5 meters. Armament: Nine guns 380 mm , twelve 152 mm ,four 120 mm and twelve 90 mm guns, fifty 37-mm anti-aircraft machine, three seaplanes.
  11. Polly Woodside 1984

    Looking forward along the deck.
  12. ROMA

    ROMA (II) Built 1926 G.Ansaldo & Co.,Sestri Ponente. T 32,583g, 19,358n. D 705.6/215.06 x 82.8/25.24 x 47.2/14.39. E Quad scr, 2 x 4 stm turb, srg, 44,000 shp, 22 kts. By builder at Semprierdarena. H Steel. 5 + part 6th dks. F 64/19.51. B 393/119.79. p 375 1st, 600 2nd, 600 3rd. Crew: 510 (varie
  13. ROMA

    Any further information welcome. Rendez-vous in Tirreno sea.1960
1-13 of 13 Results